Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 11

It is the kind of week where on Tuesday evening I texted my work friends and asked if we could get drinks. Monday and Tuesday kicked my butt. My brain is mush.

How to set boundaries at work respectfully.

How to take better work breaks.

Copenhagen has become one of my favorite fashion weeks, it seems like the attendees are actually having fun with clothes and fashion. It doesn’t take itself seriously, the attendees don’t seem to take it seriously. And there is a level of cool that you don’t see at any of them but London.

I have definitely been slacking on some of the good habits I built up in June and July, and I need to carry them into the winter if I am not going to want to die again this winter, so how to carry healthy habits into August and beyond.

The British royals most infamous fashion looks.

Scotland made period products free – the first country ever to do so.

I’m clearly experiencing some end of summer anxiety (it is already cooling down here), with this end-of-summer activities list, and this end of summer bucket list.

I have not been sleeping through the night lately, but apparently this means it could be normal?

I’m on the hunt for a fall work bag for when I return to the gym. I will need to fit all my work stuff, my lunch, and my gym stuff in it so it needs to be big, but obviously want it to be cute.

I love this pre-fall trend round up, I especially love the lower budget/higher budget options!

The ice in your drinks matters, apparently.

I’m definitely on the Justice for Meredith Blake side of TikTok.

I’m not sure how I feel about this trend, because it is very 2007, the worst of high school, but Aly and AJ really have me interested in the vest as top trend (I can’t find any in extended sizing yet).

So, so clever

J.Crew is cool again.

I love this exercise of planning your dream dinner party, not just guests, but the whole event. Location, cocktail, flowers, décor, all of it.

I’m a couple weeks late to this, but this is so perfect!!

The impact of aspiration.

I would love to get a drawer back by getting my spices out of them, I’ve always been intrigued by magnetic spice racks.

A mom-friend of mine asked me recently about how my parents didn’t really allow us to have processed food, fast food. Almost everything was homemade, we still had dessert and stuff, but no pop, or even juice really, and no processed food (until my baby brother started asking for it, of course, lol). And I struggle to explain how I simultaneously have a good relationship with food and super disordered eating. So, I liked this article about how an RD would talk to a kid about food.

How the always-sold out Skims dipped-front thong got made.

I love this post, it is about milestone gifts for everything but weddings, think promotions, big birthdays, new house, etc.

I’m so glad preppy is here to stay.

A pristine ranking of the Mary-Kate and Ashley cinematic universe.

Have a great rest of your week!


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