A Week-ish in Outfits

This week was a blur, I love long-weekends, but I’m starting to really hate short weeks. You always have to get the same amount of work done but one less day in the week to accomplish it.

High: I went to trivia this week (we don’t have it every week, I wish we did), and one of the questions, was which state capital is Pierre? And I got it right (South Dakota, btw)!! My parents used to quiz us around the dinner table on state capitols, country capitols, currency names, etc. I’ve never been so proud of that random bit of recovered knowledge lol.

Low: It was just a very stressful week, it just felt like we couldn’t catch a break on anything work related this week and it just was super unpleasant.


What I did: The first Monday in August is just a super random holiday, it doesn’t even have a real name. A few of my friends, their dogs, and I went blueberry picking. I didn’t get that many, just enough for me, and to do some baking.

What I wore: Concert Tee, Shorts – old – Old Navy


What I did: work

What I wore: Dress – Hill House Home, Tank – old – Wal-Mart, Shoes – Superga


What I did: Work, went roller skating in the evening (I didn’t put together a cute outfit for it, so I didn’t take a picture)

What I wore: Blouse – old – Talbots, Chinos – old – Joe Fresh. I really like these work pants, they are super comfortable, but I have a really hard time creating cute outfits with them. They are just so big through the leg.

Thursday (day)//

What I did: Work

What I wore: Blouse – old – Lilly Pulitzer, Pants – old – Old Navy

Thursday (evening)//

What I did: Trivia

What I wore: Shirt – old – Old Navy, Jumpsuit – old – Old Navy


What I did: cleaned, ran errands, went to a social at night (I put together a really cute outfit for it, and I didn’t take a single picture)

What I wore: Concert tee, Leggings – Aerie


What I did: relaxed, went for a walk, tidied my apartment

What I wore: Workout tank – old – Joe Fresh, Shorts – old – Joe Fresh

Have a great week!


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