July in Review

I really got into my morning walks, especially since town beach opens and it’s about 11 minutes into my walk and I walk 15 minutes one way and then turn around and come back (you have to pay attention to the time in the morning) it’s just always so pretty and peaceful at the beach.

This was the weekend I went to the beach every day of the weekend and I only took this picture. It was such a great weekend though.

I finally placed an order from Girlfriend Collective, I’ve been looking at the website and reading reviews literally since 2020. So far I really like everything, I wore the tennis dress to roller skate on Wednesday and I’ve worn the bike shorts a few times. It’s a bit weird though because I think the dress fits perfectly and the shorts and bra are maybe a bit big? And they’re all the same size?

I will say, all these reviews I read and watched and no one mentioned that getting out of the tennis dress is like getting out of a sweaty sports bra, except your entire body is in the sports bra and you have to pull it down over your shoulders, boobs, and hips instead of just up over your boobs. It is getting easier with each wear, but uh go to the bathroom before you put it on.

One of the reasons I finally placed this order is because I saw online a suggestion to wear biker shorts under this dress for tall wearers and I did not yet own bike shorts. And I am obsessed, and I will actually wear this dress now, because it is way to short to wear without anything underneath.

It may be almost the end of July, but they did a Pride flag (technically the progress flag) at one of the town beach cross walks.

I didn’t take any pictures roller skating, I was too focused, but it was really fun and I only fell once.

This month is a bit shorter than normal, and honestly I think it was because I was having so much fun, July 2022 was a great month.

Here’s to August and continuing to grab every single moment of summer to save up for the long winter.


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