Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 8

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster, I’m back at work after my week off and playing catch up and it’s been all over the place as stuff gets figured back out. But I do also feel refreshed and glad to be back at work. I also finished my week of project last night, I still need hardware, but it looks SO GOOD, and I am so excited to share it soon.

If, like me, you just finished Stranger Things Season 4, you may be interested in this spin-off news from the Duffer Brothers.

See also, the Jess Mariano to Eddie Munson crush pipeline.

How to know if you should switch your birth control method.

How long can you consider a job offer for?

I’ve been doing The Pilates Class for a few months now and I really love it, so of course, this piece on being a Pilates girlie at home caught my eye.

I may be getting a temporary roommate, and so will need to give up the kitchen cupboard I use to store workout stuff and will need new workout stuff storage solutions.

Barbiecore might get me into pink (pink is hard for gingers).

I love this post from Grace, but the magic is in the comments, it’s all her readers sharing what they love most about their jobs, and they are all so different. I think we’ve been very down on work the past few years, so it’s nice to see some positivity.

I personally hate LikeToKnowIt, especially since it stopped emailing you when you liked a post, now it’s all in the app, but this tennis LTK that Carly put together is so cute

Related: the best tennis dresses.

We all need support, here’s how to give it.

Inflation is everywhere, including in the pink tax.

The eldest of the geriatric millennials turn 40 this year, what does middle age look like to millennials?

I want to start buying better quality shoes and taking better care of them, and I’m taking this post as inspiration.

The importance of curiosity.

If you haven’t listened to Lizzo’s latest album yet, I would suggest doing so in private because it’s much more poignant, but just as fun, as her first. See this breakdown of 2B Loved.

This podcast was super interesting, I don’t know as much about Judaisim as I maybe should, and the way that Sami explains it and her relationship to it was really interesting. I also really appreciated the way they discussed oppression, and how some people can feel oppressed in the same system that others don’t feel oppressed, I’m still thinking about it a couple days later.

Have a great rest of your week!


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