A Week-ish in Outfits

Work was a true doozy this week, my screen time went down nearly 60% just because I was working so much that I was basically never on my phone (my phone is the only apple device I have that is new enough to have Screen Time, my iPad is over 10 years old, I don’t think we were even talking about screen time in 2012). And then over the weekend it kind of became a challenge to keep my screen time low.

High: It was a really good week, work was tough but really rewarding, I got really exciting news on Friday, I’m a candidate for Lasik eye surgery which I have literally wanted since I was about 13, I bought a Nespresso, I deep cleaned my bathroom and it’s super satisfying, and I cleaned out my closet in under 2 hours.

Low: Work has just been a lot. I’m grateful for it, but it’s just been so much lately. I don’t have energy for anything else really at the moment.


What I did: Finished work in Sachigo Lake and flew home, left my snow boots behind accidentally

What I wore: Sweater – old – Joe Fresh, Jeans – Madewell, Boots – old – Sorel, Indoor Shoes – old – Nike (indoor shoes is one of the most Canadian things, if you have a place where you have to wear shoes inside, school, work, community centres, gyms, you have a pair of shoes that you specifically carry with you that you only wear indoors, they never touch the outside. It’s hilarious.)


What I did: worked from home, went to the post office, tried to catch up on life

What I wore: Jean Jacket – old – Kut from the Kloth, Henley – old – Aerie, Leggings – old – Joe Fresh

What I did: Worked from home in the morning, afternoon off for doctor’s appointment

What I wore: Sweater – Reitmans, Jeans – Reitmans, Shoes – Superga (I think I need high tops for these jeans).


What I did: laundry, deep cleaned bathroom, washed floors, chores in general

What I wore: T-shirt – old – Joe Fresh, Shorts – old – Joe Fresh


What I did: cleaned out my closet, read

What I wore: Hoodie – old – Joe Fresh, T-shirt – old – Dex, Leggings – Aerie

I am so excited for a full week at home. Have a great week!


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