Spring ’22 Bucket List

It feels a bit absurd to be making spring plans when it is currently snowing and there is a ton of snow still on the ground, but we are well into April and continuing to tell myself that spring is truly on the way is what is keeping me hanging on to the ledge of hope by one single finger at the moment.

Hike new trails – I live reasonably close to several stunning provincial parks, Aaron and Sleeping Giant in particular. When the snow is gone and the ground dries out a little bit I would especially like to go to Sleeping Giant (it’s also by Thunder Bay, so it’s an excuse to go to the city). This could also move into a summer bucket list item depending on how long the melt takes.

Make an afternoon tea – this one is actually done, I did it for Easter, but I would do it again later on when we can wear cute dresses and not freeze.

Decorate my deck – I love my little deck, but I think it would be super cute to get a little umbrella (more so I stop burning all the time) and put little plant boxes around the edges. It might also need refinished? I think that this winter was really rough on it, but I haven’t seen it very well since November.

Decorate my bedroom – I really don’t think it would take much to make my bedroom so much cuter than it is. Cover up my box spring and ugly bed frame, refinish my dresser, spray paint some picture frames, and get some art for above my bed. I think I could it do it for very little money, like a couple hundred dollars. It’s not the worst room in my house, but it’s definitely near the bottom.

Spring Clean – I have missed a lot of the Go Clean Co. cleaning challenge because I’ve been pet sitting, but I am so excited to get home and really scrub down my whole apartment. I go home once daily to check on my own cat, and that has really taught me that my cat is responsible for most of the mess in my apartment not me, so it really needs a good scrub and I am pumped.

Clean out closet – this is related to above, but I am reaching a point where a lot of my clothes are done, like close to falling apart, not only is there stuff that doesn’t really fit, either too small or too big, but there is also stuff that is just done. We need a refresh.

Go to Winnipeg – In May I am hoping to finally get to Winnipeg. I was too broke to go last summer, and then I was too scared that the highways would get closed due to weather and I would get stuck somewhere, and then I’ve been too busy since (and the weather has still been wack). So I think I’m going to go in May, the thrifting looks like it’s really good and way cheaper than Toronto, my mom still talks about Polo Park shopping (it has an Anthropologie, Aritzia, Lululemon, and Nespresso) and it’s been like 25 years since we lived in Manitoba, and I would really like to go to the Human Rights Museum. And Ikea.

Aly and AJ Concert – I don’t know if this is spring or summer, it is technically spring because it is June 4, and summer technically starts June 21, but I bet it will feel like summer by then (please mother nature), but Aly and AJ were supposed to be in Minneapolis this past weekend, but AJ and some of their crew got COVID and they had to reschedule a bunch of shows including Minneapolis! I didn’t buy initially because I was worried the highways would close due to weather (and they did, so I kind of manifested this snowstorm, sorry) but in June that’s probably not going to happen. So I’m going to see Aly and AJ in Minneapolis, and I’m really excited to explore Minneapolis (and go to Target, and maybe a needlepoint shop??). If you don’t know, their latest album, A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet and Out into the Sun (longest album name ever), is one of my all time favourite albums ever. Also I’ve been a fan of theirs since their Disney queen days and I am so excited. This will be my first concert since November 2019 and I am so excited!

Have friends over for dinner – I relied on a few friends (and their boyfriends) this winter to boost my car and look after my cat when I was travelling for work, and I would like to have them over for dinner to thank them.

I’m also hoping to be a bit more spontaneous this season, one of my new friends did an IG caption last week proclaiming the start of hot girl summer so I am really hoping that we will do more and all be less depressed soon.


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