March Empties

Another month, another group of used up products, this month isn’t particularly thrilling. I probably shouldn’t start a blog post like that if I want people to read it, but here we are.

The usual collection of contacts supplies, speaking of I need to call and order more. I also think I’m going to make an appointment for an assessment to see if I’m a candidate for Lasik. I met a new co-worker in person last week and somehow we got talking about glasses and contacts somehow – people who have to pay to see do that sometimes – and she said that she had gotten Lasik last year and loved it. Of course, my first question was “So when you open your eyes in the morning, can you see??” and she said yes. I have had vision problems since I was 8, so that is now rapidly approaching over 20 years of vision problems. I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 12, I am an expert at them. I can put them in in a moving vehicle (not when I’m driving, of course), and Lasik is incredibly appealing. And it would eliminate a whole category from these monthly empties.

Do any other contact wearers accumulate cases, like why does every single bottle of contact solution come with a new case? Am I not changing my cases enough? But it can’t be that you need to change you case with every bottle, because I don’t always buy the same size bottle, but no matter the bottle size you get a new case. And if you buy the two pack of solution bottles, you only get one case, so it can’t be at every bottle? Nothing makes sense here.

My eye cream. I have already bought a replacement of this. I love it, it feels so nice when you apply it. I also don’t normally wear it during the day, but it does add a nice brightness if you choose to wear it during the day.

I thought I kept all the foils from this, I didn’t miss a week of this probiotic, which I’m very proud of. Normally if I start something like this I fall off very quickly. But I’ve been keeping it under my laptop stand on week days and on the kitchen table on weekends and I have not missed a day. I feel pretty good, but I haven’t hit the recommended 6 week trial period yet, so no full thoughts yet.

The one thing I don’t like is how they are packaged. I wish they came in a bottle rather than foil blister packs, it’s a lot of packaging for tiny little pills.

I bought this last year when I went to Thunder Bay and I realized that I had forgotten shampoo, conditioner, face wash, basically everything you need to maintain hygiene. I thought that this was face wash when I bought it. But it ended up being useful when I ran out of my Biossance Vitamin C and Rose Oil in January and this got me through until I could replace it. It was also great for all the travel I did, very easy to travel with.

I use bar soap for everything, washing my face, body, by the sink for hands. My skin likes Dove, I don’t love that it comes in a box wrapped in plastic, so during the Earth Week sale at Package Free Shop I am hoping to stock up on some without any packaging.

About once every other year I have a weak moment with packaged hair products, I get bottled shampoo and conditioner, aerosol dry shampoo. This was decent, but I think if I do go back to an aerosol dry shampoo the only one I want to purchase is the Living Proof dry shampoo, it is the absolute best.

And my coffee beans of choice, I bought the ground version of these this time. And now that I have experienced the ground vs. the whole beans I actually think I prefer the whole beans. Not because I can taste a difference in the freshness or anything but because I like being able to make the grounds thicker (coarser?) because then less come through my French press’s filter, which is much nicer.

Thanks for reading!


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