Saturday Scroll 04-02-22

Hi, how was your week?

I kind of noticed this last year, but I think I am either developing a seasonal allergy, or there is some different kind of pollen up here that I have seasonal allergies to. However, I don’t know if that’s accurate, because it is still a tundra here and nothing has bloomed yet. So, I don’t know. But I am sneezy and sniffly, if it wasn’t impossible to get a COVID test if you aren’t in a specific group of higher risk peoples I would get a test. However, in the meantime, I’m going to try some allergy meds and hope for the best.

The story of an American journalist who has spent the past 40 years working in Russia and how and why they chose to leave. This was such a good, interesting, and important read.

We all now know about the gender pay gap, but there are a few cities in the USA where women under 30 are reaching pay parity.

Allegra is one of the few “high fashion” influencers, that I feel like is truly transparent about the reality, while also acknowledging how glamourous it is. There’s a fine line there between showing the reality, without negating the fact that so many people aspire to work in fashion and that it is glamorous, and is hard work and expensive.

More feminist news I can get behind: RBG and Sandra Day O’Connor have been approved to have statues among their peers on the grounds of Congress.

The panic of “We need to talk”.

In podcast news, Katy Perry will be playing Elizabeth Taylor in a podcast approved by her estate. Colour me intrigued.

How sex tapes shaped the internet and pop culture as we know it.

As we watch the news about Ukraine, don’t forget what it was and what they are fighting for, exhibit A: Odessa.

I love days in the life, vlogs on TikTok or YouTube, it might be voyeuristic, but I love seeing what other people’s lives are like.

“I want an honourary doctorate because Ed Sheeran has an honourary doctorate” – Taylor Swift

Is using celebrities for health and fitness advice generally harmful, probably, they have time, money, and resources we can never even imagine, however, I will do whatever Blake Lively tells me to.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this thought, why do people dress better for the after parties, than the event??

In case you didn’t miss the depressing news that men don’t actually like to date ambitious women.

When I was in 11th grade I took film photography as an elective, and it took me longer than the rest of my classmates to get the hang of portraiture. So one day the teacher took me and set me up in the corner with three photography books, Slim Aarons, Annie Leibowitz, and Patrick Demarchelier, and something clicked in my brain looking at these books. And I’ve never forgotten how those images made me feel, rest in peace Patrick.

If you do the GoCleanCo. seasonal cleaning challenges, then you won’t have any overlooked spot in your home, if you don’t then this list of often missed spots will probably be useful to you.

A how-to guide to being a mentor in a virtual world.

If you’re fighting your sweet tooth, should you try subbing in “healthy candy”?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,


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