February Empties

We’re back, it’s another empties post. I’ve included a couple different things this time. Partly because I want to keep track of the different coffees I’ve tried and what I think of them and how many bottles of salt I go through in the winter so that I can stock up for next winter, and then my normal beauty and skincare product reviews and thoughts. Let’s talk about it.

So first up we have the salt that I have been using on my walkway and steps. I don’t know if I like using salt or not, but I prefer it over sliding down the steps every time I leave the house.

Powdered tide. This box lasted ages, I don’t typically use it for laundry, but rather to follow the GoCleanCo deep cleaning method, which works really well, and I would have never though to have use laundry soap as a surface cleaner. But it’s really quite miraculous.

I opened a new bar soap, I would like to get back to using a lower waste option of bar soap, or have a refillable pump container for hand soap and body wash by the bathroom sink and in the shower. Because while this box is recyclable, it comes wrapped in plastic, and we all know that Uni-Lever is not a company worthy of supporting.

I also opened a new toothbrush, the old one will go into my cleaning kit for scrubbing into tight corners.

I used up my tinted moisturizer this month, which has made me not want to take pictures at all lol. This was my third or fourth tube of this, but I won’t be rebuying. I recently checked in on the animal testing status of Nars, and because they sell in China, which mandates animal testing, they of course, animal test. So that will be all for me. So I’m looking at the Ilia Skin Tint , Merit Beauty, or perhaps a Westman Atelier product, depending on how bougie I am feeling at time of purchase.

My mom got me this for Christmas, I quite enjoy the Balzac’s Coffee Shop, I love the vibe more than the coffee I think, but the coffee is very good. They also have a subscription service that intrigues me.

An antiperspirant, I am glad to be back to using antiperspirants, my armpits are much happier.

I was fully influenced to try this by Hyram of Skincare by Hyram. And it was nice, but I don’t really see the point in spending money on cleansers. When I place my next Package Free Shop order, I plan to go back to my Meow Meow Tweet facial bar that I really like.

The usual contact lens essentials. I should really go through last year’s round up post and count up how many I use and stock up for the year.

I would like to start regularly taking a probiotic, they are one of the few supplements with real evidence that they work, provided we can get them past the acidic stomach. And a probiotic and maybe a greens powder I think would really help as I am slowly working on gentle nutrition.

This lotion is excellent for very dry skin, it is thick, and it’s unscented, but it also has a kind of comforting odour to it. It’s not really a scent, but more like the ingredients have a faint odour to them. I don’t know if that makes sense. I will buy again, probably in the fall in prep for next winter. It’s also very soothing and if you have an eczema patch or a dry spot that you’ve scratched and caused real damage to, it feels very nice to apply.

See you next month!


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