Saturday Scroll: 02/12/22


I hope you had a great week and have a lovely weekend with great breakfasts or brunches planned. Please grab a warm beverage and sit down with some of these reads, have a wonderful weekend.

This Belgian home is stunning.

Adorable Valentine’s Day clothes and accessories.

I have been dreaming about planning a trip to New York for a couple months now and been debating between spring and fall, and the Virgil Abloh exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum has me leaning towards fall.

I am always looking for new podcasts.

There are so many options for really delicious sounding Valentine’s Day desserts on this, I’m torn between the raspberry blondies, the chocolate cherry cookies, and the red velvet cake for two (a dessert for two! I love that portion size).

What homes in the USA looked like in pictures from 1940-1980.

Rethink boredom.

Documentaries, docu-series, and films to watch during Black History Month (or anytime of year, educating yourself should not be limited to one month)

Social media and real life.

I could never spend this much on a barrette, but this is sooooo adorable!

Can J.Lo resuscitate the rom-com?

Healthily tackling regret.

When you worry about money, are you really worrying about money?

How to reduce food waste.

I don’t know what it is about this year, or me at the moment, but I’m really wanting to be getting dressed, doing my hair, doing my make up, wearing jewelry, finding a signature perfume. I can’t tell if it’s part of growing up or that I’m finding the energy to be who I was before university again.

You may be starting to look for spring clothes, however I am anticipating another two to three months of winter where I live, so this wide-calf boot round-up is still useful to me!

Stunning storage inspiration. I’ve been struggling with storing my books and skincare/beauty items and in my office of late. It just all feels cheap and ineffective.

Ritual Vitamins and Athletic Greens have been hounding me in my social media ads, and it’s been making me wonder if I do need vitamins and supplements.


Have a restful weekend,


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