Friday Favourites: Nap Dress Nation and Wall Street Journal??

What an odd couple for this week’s favourites, but sometimes that the way it happens.

I don’t know what combination of adulthood, winter, pandemic, and broke I am currently living in but I feel like my life has gotten so boring. I do the same thing every week, work, cook, clean, eat, sleep, read, watch tv and movies, and scroll social media. That’s it. This isn’t what I’ve imagined for myself as an adult, and I know that the pandemic means that no one is living the mid to late-twenties lives we imagined for ourselves. I don’t know, the pandemic fatigue seems to be hitting again.

Social Media Favourite: Mary Orton @maryorton on Instagram

Mary is a brand new follow, she was recommended as someone to follow for workwear/office wear inspiration by Blair Eadie on a very old episode of the Bad on Paper podcast that I was binge listening to this past weekend. She reminds me a bit of Julia Berolzheimer or Jenny Cipoletti, in that she is absolutely stunning and definitely has an income I can’t even imagine, but she does have amazing style.

Movie/TV Favourite: Cheer

I finally watched the second season of Cheer, and I think they did it incredibly well. They had a lot to address between Jerry Harris’s arrest for soliciting child pornography, La’Darius going off on Twitter, the pandemic, and all the stuff that fame brought into the original cast’s lives. I had seen some stuff on the internet about people not liking TVCC and wanting season 3 to just be Navarro, but I quite liked it. I liked getting to know the other team, especially since (spoiler alert) they ended up being the winners of the championship. I really enjoyed it, it was so different from the first season, their lives have changed so much since then, but I still really enjoyed it.

Podcast Favourite: Teach Me How to Adult

I listened to one of their episodes because it popped up in my suggested episodes feed. I think it was the How to Get Out of a Rut episode, and I’ve been really enjoying it ever since.

I also have a second podcast favourite this week, and it’s another new one. It’s Ageless by Kit Keenan (of The Bachelor fame) and her mother, Cynthia Rowley, yes the designer. It’s a bit wellness woo woo, but it’s interesting.

Random Favourite 1: Victorian Romance Hill House Home Drop

It may be premature to put an item you haven’t received yet on your favourites list, but I have never not absolutely adored an item that I have ordered from them and they had a redhead model this dress so I know it will suit my colouring. And it’s so pretty. It’s probably too cold to wear it here for a couple months yet, but I’ve always had a better spring/summer wardrobe than winter wardrobe.

Random Favourite 2: This Wall Street Journal Series on YouTube

If you had told me a week ago that I would be super into anything from The Wall Street Journal I would have laughed in your face. But this is fascinating, and the videos are super short and keep your attention really well (very low on the phone scale).

This was the one that got me hooked. I knew that Sephora changed everything when it came to selling makeup and skin care (who remembers going to the Clinique counter in the department store with their mom?) but I didn’t know how much.

Have a great weekend!


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