2022 Wish List

So I mentioned in my lists post a couple weeks ago that I keep running lists of things that I would like to buy, this list is similar, but elevated. These are the slightly fancier, more expensive, or unnecessary items that would be nice to have but that I don’t technically need. They aren’t absurd, I would really love a pair of the two-tone Chanel pumps, but the point of this list is to be more intentional with my splurges rather than put items on here that I can’t realistically purchase this year. It’s to help be a guidance as I move through the year and maybe get an unexpected windfall, a larger tax return, or something happens that I want to reward myself for I can look to this list and know that I am getting something that I have been thinking about for a while, and not an impulse buy.

Of course, the realities of me actually purchasing all of these things is slim, it is a wish list, and some items might stay here for a while, some may join me this year.

My 2022 Wish List

one. Hill House Home Navy Nap Dress

So this one isn’t currently available on the website, but it is part of their core collection and they bring it back frequently, so I’m not stressing about that. I think this is one of the most versatile nap dresses available. The darker colour will hide dirt so much more than my white floral one and I will feel much less conspicuous walking around my tiny Northwestern Ontario town in this than in my white one. And I love this silhouette and fit.

two. Doc Marten Jadon Smooth Leather Platform

My mom says they call these stompy boots in Northern Ireland, she was trying to talk me out of them, but if anything that further talked me into them! If there is any time to wear stompy boots, a pandemic/capitalist collapse/massive inflation all in my late 20s seems like the perfect time for stompy boots.

three. Nespresso VertuoPlus

Listen, I know I should want a nice expresso machine that doesn’t use pods and create a lot of waste. But I just adore how easy it is to make an espresso or latte with a Nespresso. This is the one I want, and I do a lot of other things to reduce my waste and impact so a pod machine with a recycling program is an area I’m willing to take responsibility for. And I can actually afford this, whereas so many espresso machines are insanely expensive.

four. Champagne Coupes

I really want to get into making a nice cocktail at home and having the proper glasses to serve the drinks in. A coupe I think is the next best one to get because you can serve so many drinks in them, champagne/prosecco, martinis, a massive variety of cocktails. And they make me feel chic and fancy.

five. Flare jeans

I kind of love that the fashion of my youth is coming back. Straight leg jeans with converse and trouser jeans with wedges or converse were my go tos in high school and I really want to get back to that look. I also really suit a flare jean. I’ve also heard such good things about Good American jeans that I want to give them a try and see what all the fuss is about.

six. New bedding

This is one that is definitely on the maybes list for this year. I anticipate that I will be moving in 2023 (good lord), and so I don’t know if it would be best to hold off on this and then order the moving bundle that I have linked here and not bother packing the stuff I currently have? But at the moment my white sheets are yellowing (use and I think the water here), and there a burn marks in my duvet and mattress pad from the dryer, so I would love an upgrade. Also, I know Brooklinen is totally an influencer brand, but Good Housekeeping ranked them the best overall sheets of 2021, so they must be legit.

seven. White Converse

This is related to my comments about flare jeans. In high school I had this pair of white converse with these cartoon animals all over them and I adored those shoes (and they were only $29 on sale – that’s how much I liked them, I remember the price 11 years later lol). They don’t make them anymore, but I still think white converse are the perfect shoe.

eight. Loeffler Randall Camellia Bow Heel

This is 100% an influenced moment, I don’t normally notice influencers’ shoes, but I have been noticing these shoes for a couple years and I think they are so pretty, and so many people have said they are comfortable.

nine. A Disco Ball

See this is what I mean by unnecessary purchases. I want a disco ball for my apartment so badly. I don’t know why, maybe it just seems like something only a 20-something can have in their apartment, maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with light patterns, but my soul needs one.

So these are not the only things I plan on purchasing in 2022, but these are the frivolous ones, the other items on my shopping list are boring things like beeswax food wraps, bras, snow boots, black leggings.

I hope you found this post as fun to read as I did to make! Do you have anything fun that you want to purchase this year?


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