Saturday Scroll: 01/22/22

Hello friends, my internet was out for nearly 24 hours, and since I work from home that was very stressful. It actually went out when I was in the middle of leading a presentation to 50 of my colleagues, but luckily it wasn’t a me problem it was a Shaw problem so half my colleagues also lost internet. But I hotspotted off my phone for the rest of yesterday’s work day and most of today’s. I’m very glad that I upgraded my phone last year, as prior to that I only had 100MB of data and I would not have been able to do that.

I am also insanely glad it was the weekend, I got one of the Microsoft productivity report things and according to it I took phone calls after midnight, answered emails at 5:30 a.m. and worked late 6 days this week, even though the work week is only 5 days. One of the communities I support also had their COVID-19 cases nearly triple overnight, so I’m in need of some rest.

But beyond that, let’s get into the fun stuff shall we?

Last February, the AGO in Toronto did a series on Studio 54 with guests Diane von Furstenburg and André Leon Talley, I got to Zoom with them and it was a bit of a creative lifeline while I was unemployed, so in memory of André Leon Talley.

Lauren Conrad shared on her Instagram stories the adorable embroidery she did on her kids’ little henley shirts, and she shared a tutorial on how to do it and I suddenly want to embroider everything.

How to only agree to professional coffee dates that you want to attend.

I love reading other people’s resolutions, intentions, goals, priorities, etc., such as, here, here, and here.

Steps to have work-life balance.

I love the idea of turning my notes app shopping list into a beautiful blog post like this one.

How to fail successfully.

Winter salads. I want to get back into my week-daily “big ass salad” habit, it was a great way to make sure I was eating enough vegetables.

How to gain confidence at the gym, for larger bodied people.

I haven’t watched season 2 of Cheer yet, I don’t currently have a Netflix subscription, but I had been wondering how they would address Jerry.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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