Saturday Scroll 12/04/2021

The cover image is so cool because I have made so much progress on this stitch since that picture! I am feeling very ready for this weekend, and I have finally found somewhere to get my eyebrows done up here and I’m going for that appointment at 11:30 and I am very nervous and slightly excited. My eyebrows are very pale and fine, and they can be destroyed very easily, but I’m excited to have them controlled a bit.

The clothing options for fat people are already limited, but if you want to buy ethical or green clothes as a fat person, you’re pretty much SOL.

The irony and ignorance behind “promoting obesity”

If you like cheesy, Hallmark Christmas movies, consider these ones with Black main characters.

Meghan reviewed RMS Beauty this week and as I’m thinking about my restock of skincare and makeup this month this will be useful.

Grace’s gift guides have been my favorite this year; but this potty-mouthed one is definitely my favorite.

This is the prettiest gift guide I have ever seen.

I didn’t pay much attention to Virgil Abloh‘s work, Off-White isn’t my style and I can’t afford it anyways, but since his passing, reading about who he was and the kind of artist he was, has been wonderful.

The past few weeks have been the revival of the 2000s idols and I love it. But this take on the revenge of “The Bimbos” is fantastic.

If you want to skip a dress this Holiday season due to the cold or because you don’t want to wear a dress, these are cute options.

These are some of the cutest and most fun ornaments I’ve ever seen.

It’s favorites videos season!

I love this Vanity Fair story with Jennifer Lawrence, she is back and just as funny and even weirder and I can’t wait.

“If you want to undermine a woman’s success, talk about her body.”

All of this noughties nostalgia and trends have me really excited for Avril Lavigne’s new album. Also, I feel like this interview is the most punk thing I’ve ever read.

This is one of the best thing one of my favorite bloggers, Meghan Donovan, does. Her annual Spread Kindness, Spread Joy event is on and it’s just simple acts of kindness to remind us all of the spirit of the season.

Refinery29 has started this series where people can write in questions about navigating finances in the COVID economy, I really like the first one about if you should spend more than 50% of your income on rent?

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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