Winter Bucket List

I know it’s not technically winter yet, but we’ve had snow for a couple weeks now and it’s been consistently below 0 degrees so it feels like winter is here. I am super nervous about winter up here and I need to find and create some ways to get through it and hopefully enjoy it. I’m the kind of person that likes to make the best of whatever situation I am in and that includes long, northwestern Ontario winters.

Get into a winter sport – there are so many options up here, curling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiling, etc. I think I may have drunkenly agreed to be on a curling team so I might have this covered. It’s the northern version of agreeing on Saturday night to go hiking on Sunday morning. I also just think that in general learning a winter sport would make life in Canada more enjoyable.

Plan movie marathons – Harry Potter, a selection of cheesy Hallmark and Netflix holiday romcoms, Marvel, all the different Christmas movies.

Try different homemade hot chocolate recipes, I would like to have a few signature drinks, things that I just know how to make, alcoholic and non-alcoholic and having a signature hot chocolate recipe just seems like a good idea.

Learn to roast a chicken. I feel like this is one of those things that adults know how to make and it always looks impressive when you can present a whole roast bird at a dinner party. Not that I have a table big enough for a dinner party, but you get the point.

Learn to finish needlepoint ornaments. I have a large handful of stitched projects that need finishing. And some of them I will need to save up for a professional, but I think I could learn to finish ornaments myself.

Knit a sweater. I used to knit all the time. It was my craft of choice, but I haven’t in years. Mostly because I got bored of scarves and hats and was too nervous to do a sweater, gloves, or socks, or even a blanket. So I’m thinking about getting one of those knitting kits that come with everything you need for the whole project.

Plan a vacation. I’m still too nervous to travel internationally (and too poor), but I really want to plan something for next spring. I was supposed to go to Mexico City in April 2020 and haven’t gone anywhere since January 2020. I still might not go to Mexico City as I am dying to see my extended family so I will probably be going to Northern Ireland and England, and maybe Madrid as it has been far too long since I was there.

Go home. I’m really starting to be ready for a trip home. I haven’t been home since I moved here in March. I have this planned already but I am super eager.

Go for snowy winter wonderland walks. I have already started doing this but walking in a winter wonderland is definitely going to be a common pastime this winter.

Do you have any winter traditions that you think should make the bucket list?


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