Friday Favorites: TIBAL, The Cut, Winter House, and Leggings

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so excited for today because I am getting paid for a pet sitting job AND my real job. I’m spending over half that money on winter tires, but you know, it will feel good for an hour.

Instagram Favourites: T.I.B.A.L aka @things.i.bought.and.liked

TIBAL is the ultimate anonymous influencer. She takes her privacy super seriously. She has never posted her face nor any face, no family, no tags other than brand tags and yet she has built this community that absolutely and 100% trusts her recommendations. She’s pretty no nonsense, and she measures bag sizes or capacity of things with diet coke cans which is such a good idea because everyone knows how big a coke can is. Her feed isn’t anything spectacular, but her stories are great. She’s light and funny, but also serious about the products she recommends. I also love that she doesn’t do gifting or PR products, she only talks about products that she has bought.

Podcast Favourites: The Cut Podcast

You and I are in a Parasocial Relationship. This was such an interesting, thought provoking episode. A parasocial relationship is the relationship we have with someone we have only met online. Which I feel like for a lot of us is a lot of our relationships now that we are in this weird extended end in sight portion of the pandemic. We can be super connected to someone online, but not actually have ever met them in real life. And how does that impact our in-person relationships?

TV/movie Favourites: Winter House

Where I am pet sitting Thursday and Friday this week has the StackTV extension on Amazon Prime, which has Slice which is like Canada’s Bravo access channel (you can also get Bravo but typically only with satellite TV). I feel extra invested in this show now that my Summer House fave Paige is dating Craig Conover from Southern Charm. Which I am really interested in the storyline of how this relationship happened because right now Craig is dating someone else, named Natalie, and Paige is having hot make outs with a very hot Italian man named Andrea, and we are three episodes in to a 14 day vacation so HOW DID IT HAPPEN?? Not that it’s any of my business.

Wildcard Favourite #1: This Keyboard Brush

So I’ve had this keyboard brush for a couple years and have been using it on my keyboards during that time. And it’s great for that! But I used the stiff bristle side to clean out my AirPods and ear buds and OMG. Nothing. I repeat nothing, has ever worked so well to clean those things out. I will be doing is sparingly because the little holes in the speakers rip out the fibres of the brush, but it worked so well!

Wildcard Favourite #2: These Aerie Leggings

I bought these an age ago, but they are so good. I love the pocket, the mesh over the most muscular parts of my legs, and the waist never slides down. I would love to get into buying recycled material leggings like Girlfriend Collective or Alder Apparel, but right now my budget is more Aerie than Girlfriend Collective.

And a new and random edition to this post; Friday FOMO: The Hill House Home Pop-Up Shop in NYC. It looks so fun and I really wish I could shop this in person.

Have a great weekend!


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