This Week’s Friday Favorites: Cleaning, Nickelback, and Fall

I feel like I’m running out of time this week and this month. There’s just so much to do and so much happening and I swear 2019 was last year but now my mom is asking for my 2021 Christmas list?? I am really excited to get my (very few) fall decorations, and I may try and buy some mums this weekend! I also need to start making some plans for Thanksgiving and Halloween!

Instagram Favorite: @GoCleanCo

I felt like this had to be this week’s Instagram favourite because I have been devoting so much time to the fall cleaning challenge! We are still in kitchen week and I still have to clean my fridge, but there is something about simultaneously realizing how gross you are and getting the cleanest you can possibly be. There are so many tips and tricks in her stories, and the cleaning videos are so satisfying (without being so disgusting you can’t watch them). I highly recommend trying her cleaning techniques.

Also, I was having a moment, of why is this a thing, why are cleaning instagrams a thing? And a TikTok popped up in my for you page and I cannot remember the creator, so if someone knows it please leave it in the comments, about how we used to transfer more generational knowledge on cooking and cleaning, and over the past 6 generations, each generation has passed down less generational knowledge and so now after 140 years of reducing knowledge transfer, you create the generation responsible for “adulting”.

Movie/TV Favorite: Untold: Caitlyn Jenner

This is a masterful show. Caitlyn tells her and Bruce’s story (she refers to herself pre-transition as Bruce) and explains how Bruce was a character she developed and that she never knew about transgender people, gender dysphoria, and didn’t even understand gay as a child, it was never talked about. There were no examples in the society of her childhood. So Bruce was who she needed to be, and the Olympics was what Bruce needed to do to prove he was a man, to gain the respect of men. It was such a human story. Every part of it, from his eldest, not famous son Burt, occasionally mixing up his dad’s pronouns and always correcting himself, to the fear and internalized mysogyny and transphobia she still expresses on the show even though she is out. And how awful it was to have the Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the paparazzi as she was finally transitioning after knowing her whole life who she really was. I think this is a must watch no matter what your opinions on Caitlyn Jenner are.

Podcast Favorite: There were a lot of competitors for this title this week! The runners up are Giggly Squad’s Gen Z Correspondent, Bad on Paper’s interview with Anne Helen Peterson on Burnout, and this past Sunday’s Diet Starts Tomorrow with guest host Jared Fried. All were excellent, however, Kate Kennedy really knocked it out of the park this week. I have a new playlist, I literally laughed out loud several times, her sisters-in-law are hysterical. This episode is perfection. One Hit Mumbler: Be There in Five; a perfect podcast.

Wildcard Favorite: DuoLingo

I’ve been getting back into DuoLingo this week. I guess this is inspired by how many Latinos I work with and how poorly I was able to chat along with them and I need to get this back. Also, I am back in my “I really need to learn French stage” and am researching French courses. I don’t know when I’ll have time for it, but I can make time (another take away from last week – we need to make time for somethings to be better).

Wildcard Favorite: This TikTok

Have a great weekend!


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