Wednesday Wants: Hill House Home Edition

We have a very special edition of the new Wednesday Wants, there is a Hill House Home drop this Thursday! Now if you are into preppy fashion you will be familiar with Hill House Home, but if you’re anything like me it took you forever to pull the trigger or you still haven’t. I bought my first nap dress in July and I was nervous that it wouldn’t suit me or fit properly but to say that I am obsessed is an understatement. It is so comfortable, so pretty, and you know those outfits that everyone you meet compliments you on. That is what my blue botanical nap dress is. I took a quick scroll through my camera roll and I can’t find a picture where you can see below my collarbone so not the most useful. However, I normally wear a 16/18 and a 40DD bra (in Aerie, that’s the only place I’ve bought bras from lately). So I was a little nervous about the fit, but it is honestly perfect. The stretchy ruching could be a couple inches longer to hit right at the waist where I see it hitting for the smaller busted women without having so much of my chest out but it’s so beautiful. Simply Elsa has a great nap dress review for curvy people and then Carly also has one for our slim people and Meghan has one for our medium tiny people. But TL;DR, if you aren’t busty, size down, if you are, take your normal size for the length of the ruching. Now, this is only for the nap dresses, the other clothing items I am not so sure about.

Now please excuse the Instagram screen shots, that was all I could find.

They are calling it the Hill House University Drop and I am obsessed with the Gossip Girl/academia/dark fall/prep school and Ivey League vibes. So the items I’m obsessed with are the Blair Skirt, the Cher Dress, and the Kit Top.

Now since yesterday’s post was all about money and saving money, I have saved up for this. If you follow the founder of the Nap Dress, Nell Diamond on Instagram, she teasing stuff early (and she was a guest on the Bad on Paper podcast and she admitted that she leaks things on her personal Instagram so early that she gets in trouble), which gives me time to save up.

I really, really want the Stewart Plaid version of this skirt. Also the 19″ length actually looks pretty long when I measure it out on me. I am a bit nervous about actually getting this one, Hill House drops have a tendency to sell out and sell out fast, and when Nell and the Hill House account do Q&As there are a lot of questions about this skirt, so I’m worried that it will fly off the shelves.

Next is the Stewart Plaid in this dress. Although I am a bit nervous about the length on it. It seems like it is going to be SHORT, the measurement doesn’t seem bad on the front of the dress, but the back is maybe a bit iffy. I also really like the coconut tweed, but I think that the plaid will be slightly more wearable in my hick town.

And then this top I love for layering under things, especially the Cher dress above. I’m aiming for the white for that purpose.

This is the first time in my life I have been competitive about a purchase or planed out what I am going buy ahead of a brand launching a collection. I don’t really know how I feel about it lol, it feels very consumeristic, but also kind of exciting. Also, I do really like that this time they are launching a “notify me” button, so that if it sells out before you can get it, then they will restock and you’ll get first dibs.

If you’re shopping, best of luck, but also if you want what I want in my size, I don’t wish you luck.


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