August Empties

I was actually pretty surprised when I opened my empties shoe box and saw how little there was. This is probably a product of my no-buy month, but I felt like I used a lot up this month and I definitely need to do a skincare order/shop very soon. I’m going to get more into this tomorrow in my No-Buy Month Review Post, but a big downside I’m experiencing of a no-buy is that I need to do a big re-stock of several things that is probably going to result in me spending even more money this month.

This was it for the month. I was very surprised. It seems like so little, although I did also use up shampoo and conditioner bars, but obviously because there isn’t any packaging (except for this paper bag) for shampoo and conditioner bars because they’re intentionally zero waste.

Okay so this may be TMI, but natural deodorants have a) not been working for me lately and b) seriously irritating my armpits. Like red, itchy, sore, developing sores, serious ingrown hairs, and major shaving bumps and irritation. So I went back to Dove, and literally in a couple weeks my armpits went back to being smooth and not sore. Which, if you have ever been on crutches you know how terrible armpit pain is.

My usual monthly contacts waste.

This was a sample that I got last November that I finally used up. This is a fine product. I didn’t love the smell or the texture of it. I like a thick night cream, but this was a bit too much for me. I won’t be buying the full size version of this.

This was another sample, I really like this one. Although I don’t know if it was quite moisturizing enough, my skin would feel very tight in the morning and not fully moisturized. I don’t think I would repurchase this, although I loved the rose smell, I just know that Fresh products are expensive and I don’t think this is worth the full price.

This is the shampoo bar I used up, the Clairvoyant bar from Plenty and Spare. I really like this one, I switched from the Oat Wash bar to this one as my hair has been needing to be washed more often since I moved here. I think I still like the Oat Wash bar better, it makes my hair feel better, but this one worked really well as well. I’ve completely switched my shampoo bars for my next purchase because I didn’t order replacements in time and needed to get something local to avoid buying plastic packaged shampoo, the only option locally was a brand called UpFront Cosmetics, I’d never heard of it before, but so far it seems to be doing it’s job. Although I also think my hair is significantly healthier after doing my big chop in July, so there are some confounding variables here.

And then the final thing I used up was my Plenty and Spare Oat Wash conditioner bar. I don’t think it is quite moisturizing enough for when my hair is very long, or my very long hair was just so damaged after being on my head for so long and over a year of wet buns to get through working in clinic during a pandemic. I really like the Plenty and Spare shampoo and conditioner bars. I like them a lot better than either the Lush Cosmetics bars or the Unwrapped Life bars, they made my hair so dry and brittle no matter how “moisturizing” the bars were marketed as.

That’s all for August! I think this might be my shortest one yet.


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