Friday Favorites

Do you ever have one of those weeks where by Thursday you have nothing left to give? But there’s still two work days left? Well I’m very glad that it is a long weekend this weekend and that I haven’t planned anything (partly because I thought I was going to Wunnumin Lake First Nation to provide support, you can read about their crisis here.

Instagram Favorites: Christina Grasso @thepouf

Christina is a relatively recent follow of mine. She’s takes such amazing, creative photos and even though I love summer and don’t relate, her fervent hatred of summer and the heat is hilarious. Her imagery is a lot darker and moodier than I normally connect with and follow, but I love it so much.

TV/movie Favorites: Shadowhunters // The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

So this is connected to the fact that last Friday I watched The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie after Netflix suggested it repeatedly. And I thought it was pretty decent, and I realized that I hadn’t read the books. Even though I was a big fantasy, YA reader as a kid (weren’t we all essentially raised on a diet of Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, and The Vampire Diaries?) I had not read these ones. So I then read the first three books you can read my review of them in my What I Read in August post and now I’m watching the TV show. And it’s disappointing, because we all say that we would prefer TV adaptations of our favourite book series so that they could be more true to the books and these are SO far from the books. They jumble stuff together, change the timeline of events, add stuff in and change stuff completely. The one thing that I am completely obsessed with in the TV show is how the healthiest relationship in the show is a gay couple and they are super open about having them have kissing scenes, jumping into bed, morning after scenes, dates, dancing, just portraying them as a full, complete, rounded, normal couple and I love it.

But if you separate it from the books and pretend they are standalone, then they aren’t bad. If you want something that is closer to the book, then actually the movie is better. Which I can’t believe that I’m saying.

Podcast Favorites: Diet Starts Tomorrow

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years, and we go in ebbs and flows with how much I like it. There was a phase over the last year where it became very naval-gazing and I couldn’t relate to it/it kind of felt like the hosts were using it to whine publicly (if you read this sorry, that is harsh). But recently it seems to have turned a corner again and I really like it again. Aleen recently went on maternity leave and Sami is finally taking her honeymoon after over a year, so they pre-recorded this really fun series where they go through the movies/TV shows/media that really screwed up their body image/listeners’ body image and I’ve really been enjoying it.

Random Favorite 1: These earplugs I brought home from the hostel

So when I went to Thunder Bay and stayed in The Haven Hostel they leave (in the dorms at least) earplugs on your pillow. Almost all my nights in the hostel I was the only one in my dorm so I didn’t use them, but I don’t know what my downstairs neighbors have going on this week but they have been up all night playing music, smoking and chatting what feels like right under my bedroom window and keeping me up super late/waking me up throughout the night. So I’ve been using these earplugs to try and get enough sleep to get through the day. And these are super comfy and stay in my ears all night.

Random Favorite 2: Lavazza Coffee

The grocery store in Sioux Lookout doesn’t keep any coffee beans that I like, so it was a rough few weeks without enjoyable coffee. Then when I finally got to do a Dryden grocery run I was able to get the coffee I like. This stuff is so good. It’s pretty much exclusively the only coffee I buy, I use it in my French press.

Also, I fully realize that I spelled Favourite the British way last week and then the American way this week. I went to elementary school in the USA raised by British parents and then moved to Canada for high school I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPELL CONSISTENTLY IN ANY ONE DIALECT. I’m sorry.

Also if you missed my mid-week procrastination post I’ve updated it to be a Saturday Scroll and it will be coming out tomorrow morning!

Have a great Friday!


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