Mid-Week Procrastination

I don’t have any pithy remarks to kick this off, so let’s just get into the procrastination shall we?

Yesterday was a perfect day, the 20th anniversary of Legally Blonde, definitely in my top 10 movies of all time. The outfits, the cast, the music, all *chef’s kiss* perfection.

Related: Were Elle and Vivian supposed to end up together in an alternate version?

I’m really excited for the live action Little Mermaid re-boot. Chloe Bailey has one of the best signing voices I have ever heard and she’s had red hair before and looked absolutely amazing.

Speaking of 20-somethings with amazing voices. Dove Cameron is another one that I am obsessed with. She’s like a younger, more tongue-in-cheek Kristen Chenoweth. I first saw her in Marvel’s Agents of Shield and thought she was so beautiful, then I realized that she has the voice of an angel. I’ve been bopping to her single Lazy Baby all summer.

Like many people who have worked from home at all during the pandemic. I have gotten comfy. I don’t even mean with my habits and office chair dancing, but literally with my clothing. So the idea of business comfort is seriously appealing.

Another tennis/golf/preppy activewear post!

A collection of Anthony Bourdain’s stories.

How to know if you actually want kids.

I think I am starting to identify my home décor style as transitional coastal preppy, I really love this bedroom makeover!

The new it locations in New York of the Gossip Girl reboot.

And a reminder of all the completely unbelievable and absurd plotlines from the original that we deserve an explanation for.

The idea of adults having fun and playing?

I as a rule, don’t believe that Goop has anything to say, but I think their advice on packing a cooler, is logical? Makes sense? I can’t believe I’m saying that.

I worked at a bar in grad school called Brass Taps and they have this steak salad that I still crave about once a month. I used to get it in a wrap. GD that was good. This steak salad recipe looks close-ish.

I am so inspired by this. My screen time was 9 (!!!!!!!!!!) hours last week. Can you imagine how much I could read if I spent 9 hours a day reading. And that doesn’t even include my work computer, blog computer, and TV time. Jesus.

Now that Ontario is really starting to open up the reality of living 20 hours from most of my friends is really starting to set in, so here’s dealing with the realities of the return of FOMO.

It has been hotter than heck up here (I write as it is a pleasantly cool night rn.) so I have been looking into all kinds of cooling things, like this list from Grace.

WandaVision got 23 (twenty-three!!) Emmy nominations, Elizabeth Olsen so deserves it and I loved this interview with her.

And Don Cheadle got an Emmy nom for the maybe 3.5 minutes of screen time in Falcon and the Winter Soldier?? I love it.

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