Obsessions: July 10

I have been so tired this week. Every day was a struggle to get up on time, so I slept in til 11 today! I never do that, especially not up here where the sun is up at 4:30. But I clearly needed it. I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned! I was going to go hiking, but the air quality here is really bad from the fires, so I’m not certain if I will or not.

Instagram Obsession: Gray Malin

I don’t remember when I unfollowed Gray Malin, but I just re-followed him this week and I am back in love. He is a professional photographer, and he would probably be considered a bit basic, but I love his photography. I would love to have a big print or a triptych over my bed.

Movie/TV Obsession: Smallville

I am continuing to ride the train of classic millenial tv shows that I was a bit too young for when they came out (and didn’t have an older sibling to introduce me to them). Also, I keep hearing about Alison Mack and Nxivm and how she was in Smallville and I kept thinking “I have no clue who that is, or what Smallville is about (except kid Superman)”. I’ve been really enjoying it. I love watching vintage science fiction, like late 90s-early 2000s, think beginning of the Fast and Furious franchise, because the effects are so bad but were so advanced for the time. They are so funny. It’s a sci-fi high school drama, which is completely my niche. I’ve been watching it on Amazon Prime.

Amazon.com: Smallville Poster TV 11x17 Tom Welling Kristin Kreuk Michael  Rosenbaum Allison Mack MasterPoster Print, 11x17: Prints: Posters & Prints

Podcast Obsession: My Favourite Murder

This was one of my first podcasts, really my introduction to the medium. If you don’t know it, it is kind of the original true crime, comedy podcast, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. They typically each tell a true crime tale to each other and then they also have a Monday episode that is shorter where they tell listeners’ “Home Town Murders”, which has completely devolved into, ghost stories, first responder stories, grandparent stories, found in wall stories, etc. However, at the moment they are taking a proper vacation and they are having hosts from the other podcasts on their network guest host each week and they are picking their two favourite stories that each host has told through all the 5 years that they have been podcasting. It is super nice to get to re-listen to these episodes that I heard years ago. It’s also fascinating to hear the progress that they have made in their podcast style and professionalism.

Random Obsession 1: TikTok

I have been absolutely TikTok mad the past couple weeks. I think I might need to delete the app off my phone. I am staying up way too late watching TikToks. I think it is an app that really does provide that sense of connection and community because once the algorithm has you sorted, it knows you. Also, I think the general lack of celebrities actively on the app really helps, and the lack of artifice and perfection, everyone looks and acts so normal. It’s very human. Ben Brainard was one of the very first creators I saw and followed and I love his videos so much.


LGBTQ’s Join the Table pt. 2: Ryan Reynolds? Yeah… that makes sense. (ft: @danbanbam)

♬ original sound – Benjamin Brainard

Random Obsession 2: My Hill House nap dress came yesterday, I know it was my obsession when I ordered it but it is so perfect. It has been so long since I put on an item of clothing and felt so ecstatic and comfortable and it just is exactly the way you hoped and expected it to be. It is so soft, silky, and comfortable. I didn’t take a picture when I tried it on because I looked a mess but I am totally sold on nap dresses, I will 100% be joining the legions queuing up to buy one at the drops.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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