Obsessions: June 19

It was a week – I thought when I left vet med I was leaving the days when your face hurts when you get off and all you can do is sit in your car (or office chair in the work from home world) and stare off into the middle distance and can’t even process what happened behind me. However, it would appear that office work can smack you just as hard. I cannot wait for COVID to be over, not only because I want my life back but also because I do not know how the health care workers and public health workers have stuck it for the past 18 months.

We are off on Monday for Indigenous People’s Day, it’s not a national or even provincial holiday and we are still running vaccine clinics in the communities so it’s not a totally free day but I am taking the opportunity to do a little weekend trip to Kenora. It’s a lake town about 3 hours drive away and is apparently the “Muskoka of Winnipeg”, which if you aren’t from Ontario, Muskoka would be like the Hamptons of Toronto or the Lakes District of England. It’s kind of funny how we all find ways to be by the water (and then make them expensive and force the native peoples out but you know). I’m looking forward to it, it’s my first time going anywhere specifically for the reason of seeing it since 2018.

Instagram Obsession: TIBAL @things.i.bought.and.liked

I love what she has been able to do, she is completely anonymous but she has built this platform that everyone trusts and she does not hold back on her reviews. And she reviews everything, baby toys, makeup and personal care products, clothing, cleaning products, TV shows, literally everything you could need in your life. Also she measures size of small things and bag capacity with Diet Coke cans, which I think is absolutely hilarious and makes so much sense, because everyone knows what size a Diet Coke is.

I also love how free she is in why a product is needed or valuable to her, like she lives in Texas so she recommends anti-perspirants because she knows what she needs. Her opinions don’t seem to get swayed or be influenced as much by trends. She knows what she likes and why and shares that with us.

Movie Obsession: Rocketman

Okay, I know this is like breaking news how this is a good movie, but I watched it again last night and it is such a good movie. Near the end, in one of the group therapy session scenes, he says “I’ve been a cunt since 1975.” And I lost it. I was crying, I couldn’t stop laughing, I had to pause the movie.

Also I have decided to make a list of places I want to time travel to, in case we ever get that capability and just for fun. And my first addition to that list is the first time that Elton John played The Troubadour in Los Angeles on August 25, 1970. Can you imagine? In the scene, when he lifts up horizontally off the piano and kept playing, he really did that, I’m assuming with cables and stuff but WHAT?? And it’s 1970 so you’re probably off your nut. Like, oh my god.

Also, I cannot believe that it is Taron Egerton actually signing in this movie. And ending on I’m still standing, is just so perfect. I really want this to be made a musical so I can audition for some small town’s Little Theatre version and be in the chorus. It would be SO FUN!

And I feel like I have to do two, because I spent my Friday night watching really great movies. I had never seen Spiderman: Far From Home and it’s so good. Tom Holland is precious. I was also largely spoiler free which I don’t know how. It was a bit weird to watch it after WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, starting Loki, but it was a really good movie. I love when Marvel goes for the funny rather than the serious. It just works so well for them, serious is so DC and we all know how that is working for them.

Podcast Obsession: Diet Starts Tomorrow

This is another of the Betches Media podcasts. It started with two of the founders, Sami and Aleen, discussing their disordered eating histories, diet culture, and their various diets. However, they have both moved to more of an intuitive eating lifestyle and their conversations now definitely focus there. I don’t always agree with everything they talk about, and there were definitely some of their old diet focused episodes that had guests that were so far off in their theories and discussion of food that I would stop listening. But, particularly the intuitive eating episodes often challenge diet culture thoughts I have and force me to think about them, rather than just continuing to live with them in my head.

They also get into different aspects of intuitive eating, for example in this Thursday’s episode they talk about how it is a financial privilege to be able to intuitively eat, how it is expensive to always eat exactly what you are craving, there are other things that may cause you to restrict what you eat other than just wanting to be skinny.

Good News Books and The Hub Roastery

Image via Good News Books Facebook page

I did not have high hopes for coffee shops in this town, and I was half proven right, the other one is not good. I’m not going to call it out but there’s only two so if you google it I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Now, I don’t think the bookstore is going to be my cup of tea, it’s a little religious for my liking, but the coffee is really good. I also bought a candle there this week, when I went for my weekly coffee. It’s so good.

This might be a weird one, but I’m obsessed with the Litter Locker. If you have a cat you need one. It makes disposing of cat litter so easy and you’re not using a plastic bag every day because it seals it closed so that there are no smells and you can actually fill a bag before you dispose of it. You do have to buy the brand’s specific bags, which is obviously how they make money, but I do not mind at all.

Have a great weekend!


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