Mid-Week Procrastination

This has been a very heavy week at work, I work with many Indigenous people and serve Indigenous communities and the news of the mass grave in Kamloops has hit them all very hard particularly and has hit the entire country very hard. We ended up scraping (appropriately and mostly my idea) my big project for the week because it didn’t seem right to talk about safe play outdoors, safe swimming, etc. when we are mourning the loss of 215 Indigenous children.

So I’m going to start with the heavy and important one. Please take the 18 minutes to watch this video on the children stolen from the homes and families and placed in Residential Schools; then sit with it.

Okay, now for some lighter items, more along the normal lines of a mid-week procrastination post.

If you haven’t heard Venus Williams’ comments on managing her anxiety in press junkets you need to. Bad ass.

I think these stories from last week about how TikTok users don’t like the new voice are very interesting because of the reason that TikTok has changed the voice. The actress whose voice it is has started legal proceedings against TikTok and it’s parent company because she never gave permission or released her recordings for such use, and it’s a Canadian actress!

A famous person actually responded well to criticism? Go Sethie.

Tennis fashion being cool for this summer has me crossing my fingers that equestrian fashion will be back for fall. Long live the preps!

So this article isn’t 100% right, Kjaer Weis has a refillable mascara, so this isn’t the first but this is a super cool sounding company! If they ship to Canada I’ll be giving this one a shot!.

An excerpt from Katie Sturino’s book/workbook Body Talk that I really want to buy!

I didn’t watch Friends when it aired, I watched it a couple years ago on Netflix. I enjoyed it, I appreciate it for it’s cultural icon moment, Phoebe was a perfect character. But many parts bugged me, in particular “Fat Monica“; when will bodies stop being jokes?

Criminal Minds has been my comfort show for nearly 10 years now. I’ve been rewatching them again now that they are on Disney+, but I am still enjoying them.

I’m starting to wonder if we might get summer movie releases again?

French cocktails to try this summer.

Don’t live life the way a picky eater approaches food.

I hope you have a great rest of you week! I hope you can get outside and enjoy the start of June!


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