Mid-Week Procrastination

To be honest it is a lot harder to get material for these posts now and I need it even more. It’s actually such a break to make this.

I’m all about shopping small, so I love that The Sorry Girls made this video. I am definitely going to get a planter/basket from Viridi.

Since working from home I have taken to doing all my dishes over lunch and freeing up my evenings to chill more (and by chill I mostly mean work on this lol) and I have been watching YouTube videos while I do so. Tuesdays were:

I have really been wanting to try Merit Beauty so I am really excited that Meghan over at Wit and Whimsy reviewed them. I’m still doing Project Pan, so I won’t be buying anything anytime soon but I’m really excited to see someone I trust review them!

I would love to go to Copenhagen, have for years. This hotel would be super aspirational.

This post from Grace Atwood about pandemic dating was like a gut punch in how much it saw into my soul. And that it saw how many dead animal pictures are on Hinge up here.

It’s still snowing up here so things like these spring bucket lists by Carly Riordan and Krystal Bick and reels of the cherry blossoms blooming in DC are helping me considerably, thank you Ashley.

Have a great week and I hope you have something nice but socially distanced planned for the long weekend this weekend!


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