January Empties

Since one of my big focuses this year is transitioning more of my products to plastic-free or zero waste options. I thought that a monthly empties series could be fun. Well maybe not fun but helpful in decision making and keeping me accountable to making sustainable swaps if it is public on the internet??

This month some of my swaps are skincare products and some are make your home smell nice products.

In the make-your-home-smell- good category:

I loved all of these. The big candle is the Pumpkin Clove from Anthropologie (same brand as the Volcano candle) and it smells fantastic. The very best fall candle. But they’re expensive and I can never get it to burn all the way down to the sides, this is the best I’ve ever gotten it. The small candle was a Christmas gift from my sister and is from Irish Daisy Candle Co. it was also great. It was my first wood wick candle and I actually really enjoyed the crackle sound. It smelled really fresh and clean and different from the cozy smells I normally buy. I also loved the cause. They are locally made in Petawawa, Ontario and the Woman for Women line is taking proceeds to create a local scholarship fund for female students!

I’m not certain if candles are particularly eco-friendly. Maybe I’ll do a deep-dive post on that!

The diffuser thing is from Paddywax. I’ve had it for years and I really loved the smell. It’s a Nashville company so I obviously love that. On their website you can’t just get the liquid refill, you have to get a new glass vial and diffuser sticks. So I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. It did open me up to diffusers, I didn’t think they really worked but they do and there’s no fire which is a nice safety thing even though I don’t worry about candles at all (I should worry more than I do).

I loved this product, it was the first facial oil I had ever used and it made my skin feel so smooth. I also love that is in glass packaging and I’ve raves about HBFace already but a Toronto-based, woman-owned business making quality skincare and makeup products providing the best brow services I have ever experienced! I currently have other oils I am working through but will definitely repurchase in the future.

This is my favourite deodorant. It smells so good and I find that it works really well. It’s also baking soda free which is really important for me in a deodorant. The natural deodorant journey is a journey and everyone needs something different and I learned very quickly that baking soda is a no go for me. I’ve already bought two more jars of this from Package Free Shop.

I really liked this cleanser, but I don’t really notice differences between cleansers so I’ve gone back to my Meow Meow Tweet facial cleanser bar for a plastic-free option. This came as part of the First Aid Beauty holiday value kit and is fine but for the majority of beauty products I value impact on the planet over everything else. It has to be fantastic and not available in another packaging option for me to continue using it so it’s a swap for me.


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