Thoughtful Buy: Pela Phone Case

For the first time in years I bought myself a new phone, an iPhone 11 on Boxing Day! It was very exciting! I had an iPhone 4 until mid-2019 and then bought an used iPhone 6 from one of my co-workers. And technically they both worked fine so I was having a hard time justifying getting a new phone. But it would crash randomly, go from 60% battery to dead in seconds, and I couldn’t get the COVID-alert app because my phone was too old. This is also not an issue but I couldn’t use any of the fun Instagram filters without it crashing! So I got an iPhone 11. But this isn’t a phone review post, I don’t know enough about phones for that. This is about my phone case and screen protector.

I knew that the next time I got a phone I wanted a Pela case. They’re a Canadian brand making plant-based compostable phone and AirPod cases, and a liquid screen protector and everything comes packaged in paper! I bought the phone case with card slot and the Canopy screen protector.

Pela Case iPhone 11 case with card slot
Pela Case Canopy Screen Protector

I’m definitely a little wary about the screen protector, but it felt like the perfect time to try it because where am I going? What am I doing? Nothing- nothing at all, so I don’t think my phone has much risk at the moment. I was also very wary about applying it; because what if I ruin my phone by putting this liquid on it. It goes against everything you have ever learned about electronics. But they have a really great YouTube video, and you don’t pour it directly onto the phone, which makes me feel a lot better.

Video Source: Pela Earth YouTube Channel

It’s been about a week since I got both the phone case and the screen protector and so far everything has gone fantastically! But Ontario is still in lockdown and I don’t think I have left my house at all since putting them on, the true test will be it’s first night out at a bar post-vaccines!


Update: January 29/2022

I have been using this phone case for a solid year now. And I use it. It has been the only phone case I’ve used since I got it. I keep my drivers license in it ever since we have had to start showing ID and vaccine passport to go to the gym (back in September, maybe?) and I drop my phone 3-4 times a week and my phone doesn’t have a single crack or chip out of it. Very impressed.

I still have some of the Canopy liquid screen protector, and I think I might do another coat as part of my February reset routine next weekend, I’m not certain. The one thing with it is that it is hard to tell when it is wearing out. You know when you have the glass or sticky ones they start to peel up or crack when they are wearing out, and this doesn’t do that and it’s completely clear and there’s no sensation to it, you don’t know it’s there. So it’s hard to know if/when it’s wearing out.

So like you can see this thin bit of the plastic over the charging port has broken. I’ve noticed that that spot is where I put my pinky to hold the phone up when I’m scrolling and it creates this little bend and I guess it eventually snapped. I just noticed it the morning that I started driving back up north from Toronto, so that would be the morning of January 3rd, so it’s been nearly exactly a year since I got this case and put it on.

I hope this review and update was helpful!


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