The Friday Edit: Vol. 16

This Past Week// This was a short workweek in Canada thanks to Victoria Day (also known as May 2-4 or May Long, depending on where in the country you are) and I really felt it. Monday I tidied up my apartment, finished stitching a needlepoint, and had some Monday Scaries. Then the rest of the … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 16

May Favourites

I think May might be my favourite month, at least up here. It is the month that spring finally makes it's appearance up here and if I enjoy anything about up here it's that once warm weather really makes it's appearance it comes so quickly. Like we get about three weeks of spring and then … Continue reading May Favourites

A Week-ish in Outfits

We are back to the "week-ish" posts this week, although I didn't do as badly as I originally thought I did, I only missed Monday. Last week's high: I think we are finally starting to have our program actually broken down into actual doable tasks. Which is very satisfying. This week's goal: Do not spend … Continue reading A Week-ish in Outfits

The Friday Edit: Vol. 15

This week I think it has finally started to hit me how much I have to prioritize my sleep. I am burning the candle from all sides for no real reason and it has to stop. It is impacting everything during the day and I have to be real with myself about it. Weekend Reading// … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 15

Recipe Inspiration

I have been feeling stumped, uninspired, and generally annoyed by cooking lately. So I have taken to my favourite recipe resources, Pinterest and Half-Baked Harvest for some inspiration, so here is a list of the recipes that I am looking to for ideas and inspiration. Now, I have not considered budget or food prices at … Continue reading Recipe Inspiration

May State of The Union

I totally missed this post in April, I'm not sure what happened, but it must have been one of the many posts I missed during that month when I just got overwhelmed with work and life and sad that it was still winter. But we're back, baby. This is one of my worst performing posts, … Continue reading May State of The Union

A Week In Outfits

Last week's high: Last week I was in Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation with work and it was such a good day. It's one of the drive-in communities we serve and the drive was great and I have a special place in my heart for them because I spent so much time there during the pandemic, so … Continue reading A Week In Outfits

Mid/Plus-Size Hill House Home Nap Dress Review: An Update

It's been almost a year since my first nap dress review and with Tuesday's drop and the massive explosion in styles and options it felt like time for an update. If you are not familiar, the Nap Dress is a trademarked dress style made popular by Nellie Diamond's company Hill House Home. They initially started … Continue reading Mid/Plus-Size Hill House Home Nap Dress Review: An Update

The Friday Edit: Vol. 14

My week// If April is the month that we start to come back to life, then May is the month where life gets good again. The weather has done a complete flip to being superb. The sun is shining, my mood is up. It's been great. I even have a bit of a sun burn. … Continue reading The Friday Edit: Vol. 14

What I’m Buying in May

Oh May, I am so torn on how to plan this. There are so many things that I would like to purchase before my trip, for the upcoming weddings, for my spring wardrobe that I cannot figure out how to plan it out and so we will be working this out together throughout this post. … Continue reading What I’m Buying in May