September in Review

September was a fantastic month, an absolutely insanely busy month but it was so fun and fulfilling and I really needed it. Also today is Truth and Reconciliation Day, if you live on settled land please take the time today to think about the loss and suffering that Indigenous Peoples endured for colonization to occur … Continue reading September in Review

A Weekend in Montreal

This trip was the result of me being slightly ashamed of being from the Ottawa area and having never been to Montreal. It's like being from Philadelphia and never going to New York City. It's far enough away that you can justify it, but so close that you are daft for not going every chance … Continue reading A Weekend in Montreal

Friday Favourites: granola bars and Ohio??

This week is such a blur. I pet sat last weekend and left their house at 9 pm on Sunday night. Came home, meal prepped and packed, worked a full day at the office on Monday, flew north to work for the rest of the week in a northern community, been here all week trying … Continue reading Friday Favourites: granola bars and Ohio??

Ottawa Valley Favourites

If you can't tell, I'm really excited to go home. Which is interesting, because I don't actually like my hometown all that much (I got out as soon as I possibly could), but it is somehow, closer to an urban area than where I live now and my grandparents are going to be there at … Continue reading Ottawa Valley Favourites

Hill House Home Fall 2022 Drop

I think the fall drops from Hill House are my favourite drops. The classic Ellie dress is perfect for summer, but they do great fall clothes. The plaid skirt I got last year is one of my very favourite items of clothing. I'm really excited about the knitwear. I also would love the quilt coats, … Continue reading Hill House Home Fall 2022 Drop

A Week-ish in Outfits

This week was a roller coaster, I am so glad that my vacation starts on Friday because I am in desperate need of a break. A proper break, out of town and away from responsibilities. I even have a pet sitter coming to look after Montana. High: The solid 48 hours when I believed that … Continue reading A Week-ish in Outfits

Preparing for Travel/Vacation Announcement!

This post just keeps getting more and more timely. I am going home to my parents for 10 days and now I am also travelling for work for 5 days that I don't have an itinerary for and I get back to Sioux Lookout at some point on Friday evening (I don't have an itinerary … Continue reading Preparing for Travel/Vacation Announcement!

Saturday Scroll: 09/10/22

I am at the point where I am not wondering "Am I the Drama?", and started asking are these external factors the chaos or am I the chaos. I am severely overwhelmed. But I am slowly but surely making it through. I don't currently have Apple TV+, but this show, Gutsy, is very intriguing to … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 09/10/22

Friday Favorites: 09/08/22

This week was a roller coaster, I was riding high Tuesday and Wednesday thinking I was done pet sitting forever, which came crashing down on Thursday when I got a message confirming that I was still good for this weekend. I didn't know whether to laugh, scream, or cry. But it is more spending money … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 09/08/22

What I’m Buying in September

September is going to be an expensive month for me. I have budgeted for it, and I am not concerned about it, it's just a statement of fact. I'm going home for 10 days, going to Montreal with friends for a weekend, and will be doing a big "city stock up", as I have taken … Continue reading What I’m Buying in September