Saturday Scroll: 04/30/22

Sorry this is so late! I packed up all my work stuff from my pet sit and took it home, including apparently my personal laptop charger. So my computer died on Friday night when I was working on this. Then when I finished my pet sit and got home I stripped my bed and washed … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 04/30/22

Friday Favorites: creepy TV and naps

It has been a week. I have been feeling very overwhelmed with work, pet sitting, and life in general this week and it came to a head yesterday when I cried at work by like 9 am, on a zoom call with my manager (I don't think they could see me crying thanks to being … Continue reading Friday Favorites: creepy TV and naps

April in Review

I didn't take that many pictures this month, a product of working too much and poor mental health. The weather seems to be making a proper turn for the better finally, and I have a couple trips planned. One of my new friends said that if you are choosing to live here for the career … Continue reading April in Review

A Week-ish in Outfits

This is a particularly exciting week in outfits, there are new clothes in this week. I also am slightly upset with myself because I got dressed and went into the office on Thursday, and I did not take an OOTD on Thursday. I also placed a big Reitman's order a couple weeks ago, and I … Continue reading A Week-ish in Outfits

Spring Cream Tea

Growing up my mum would sometimes just make scones for a treat, but an afternoon tea is one of my favourite treats, and there is something about them that just screams spring. I didn't do a full afternoon tea, normally you would have a sandwich course, a scone, and a cake. I eliminated the cake … Continue reading Spring Cream Tea

Saturday Scroll: 04/23/22

I think there is something about short weeks that have Monday as the holiday rather than those that have Friday as the holiday seem so much longer and more arduous. It just feels like there is so much more work, whereas when you week is ending on Thursday it feels like it is flying by. … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 04/23/22

Friday Favorites: Afternoon breezes and afternoon tea

I don't know which of us is more excited that we can sometimes open the windows in the afternoon. I am still out of the house pet sitting, but I go home everyday to take care of my wee beast and I've been opening the windows to let the stale winter air out. This week … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Afternoon breezes and afternoon tea

Admin Professionals Day Gift Guide

Next Wednesday, April 27, 2022 is Administrative Professionals Days, and I have never had an admin staff before, they aren't my assistant, they are the admin for our whole section, but they do so much to make our section run smoothly. It has taken me a bit to get used to having an admin professional … Continue reading Admin Professionals Day Gift Guide

Spring ’22 Bucket List

It feels a bit absurd to be making spring plans when it is currently snowing and there is a ton of snow still on the ground, but we are well into April and continuing to tell myself that spring is truly on the way is what is keeping me hanging on to the ledge of … Continue reading Spring ’22 Bucket List

A Week in Outfits

These week in outfits posts really highlight how little I have been home over the past couple months, the one single picture in my own mirror this week is making me very sad. Although I think my current pet sit might have a skinny mirror, which is doing great but artificial things for my confidence. … Continue reading A Week in Outfits