February in Review

Snuggled up for a winter's night at home. This is screenshot of an email newsletter I have subscribed to (MondayGirl), it's a career focused newsletter. And on Monday, February 14th, they did a newsletter on workplace romances and the week before they had a question box on their Instagram and I responded to it, and … Continue reading February in Review

Saturday Scroll

Firstly and most importantly: A Ukraine explainer, the historical context and what's happening now; and how to help and more options. Now, I write this blog to be an escape, from unemployment and living with my parents (how it started), to being a rapidly burning out public health worker in a pandemic. This blog provides … Continue reading Saturday Scroll

Friday Favorites: news overwhelm and favourite jeans

It feels a bit, meaningless? nihilistic? absurd? to do something like write a blog post about your social media favourites and favourite TV when Russia has invaded Ukraine thanks to one old white man's romanticization of the past and a desire for a return to the age of empires. But if I learned anything during … Continue reading Friday Favorites: news overwhelm and favourite jeans

Work-Life Balance is a Spectrum

Over the past two weeks I have been responding to a COVID-19 outbreak, affecting about 25% of the population of the community with even more in isolation, in one of the northern First Nations communities my work serves. It has been an insane amount of work and I'm exhausted and we aren't done yet and … Continue reading Work-Life Balance is a Spectrum

Travel Dreaming

I really really want to travel again this year, my last trip was in January 2020, and it was a "work trip", for my then-volunteer job, and before that it was New York City in August 2018, and I have the itch. Northern Ireland Really this is Ireland and the UK, as I would also … Continue reading Travel Dreaming

Spring Wardrobe Wants

I may be far too early on this for where I live, and how short the transitional seasons seem to be where I live, but the days are getting longer every day, the sun actually feels warm on your skin, and I am in need of hope that the days of cute clothes are coming. … Continue reading Spring Wardrobe Wants

Saturday Scroll: 02/19/22

I am so looking forward to sleeping and not wearing masks for a couple days. I am going to park myself in that corner of the couch and only get up to flip laundry. My face still feels like there is an N95 pushing into the bridge of my nose and my ears have dents … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 02/19/22

Friday Favorites: Chicken Fingers and Rapid Tests

My goodness what a week, I have been up in Mishkeegogamang (mish-key-GOH-gah-mahng)First Nation this week helping with their COVID-19 outbreak response, about 25% of their population has COVID-19 and even more have to isolate due to being close contacts. First on Monday, I got up at 5, as I had my PCR test booked for … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Chicken Fingers and Rapid Tests

What I’m Buying in February

This is going to be a new series, a part of the financial accountability I'm striving for. But I don't feel like that quite sums it up, it's about being thoughtful about how I spend my money, what I bring into my house, what I put onto and into my body and just generally overall … Continue reading What I’m Buying in February

A Week in Outfits

I think this week is like a D on the effort scale, like steps were taken to try, but not as much as I would like. I also ran out of base makeup and it's hard to want to get ready when the part of your routine that makes you look better is gone. I … Continue reading A Week in Outfits