January in Review

I don't think I have anything to say about January that hasn't already been said, it is the slowest moving month of the year and between the lockdown and my job the pandemic fatigue really hit me super hard this month. I did do Dry January, and it was interesting because I can normally go … Continue reading January in Review

Saturday Scroll: 01/29/22

Paris Fashion Week is happening, and it is stunning, simple, and unbearably chic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykYI5iMUwdk I haven't watched this yet, but it will be my Saturday brunch companion. The fact that I am single does not make actively dating a requirement for my life. A thorough bashing of Canadian architecture. I think I may have just … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 01/29/22

Friday Favorites: 01/27/22

I wonder when in your life you stop being overwhelmed by the week's events. Even when the week only contained the normal events that you expected. This week started on a low note, with a terrible first day of work that spilled into Tuesday and then a bit into Wednesday, but somehow my mood had … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 01/27/22

Thoughts on the IUD, One Month In

This is a bit different from my normal content (although I do talk about contraception sometimes on my Instagram, lol, so maybe not that far out). But when I was doing my research when I was deciding to get an IUD, I could not find enough, I was insatiable. You hear so much scary stuff … Continue reading Thoughts on the IUD, One Month In

Thoughts on “Finding your niche”

I've been trying to actually teach myself about blogging properly, more professionally; learning SEO, learning about affiliate marketing, seeing if I could maybe try and make some money off this. I have no intent on making this my job, but it would be nice to have an additional income source and get a little something … Continue reading Thoughts on “Finding your niche”

Saturday Scroll: 01/22/22

Hello friends, my internet was out for nearly 24 hours, and since I work from home that was very stressful. It actually went out when I was in the middle of leading a presentation to 50 of my colleagues, but luckily it wasn't a me problem it was a Shaw problem so half my colleagues … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 01/22/22

Best Books of 2021

I think this will be the very last round up post of 2021, it's getting past the appropriate time for them. I have been putting it off because I don't really know how to pick a favourite book or books. I don't have a very objective reviewing system, and I have never been very good … Continue reading Best Books of 2021

A Full Year of Project Pan

I thought it would be interesting to reflect on a full year of tracking the empties that I used up throughout the year. So overall, I don't know how effective it was, I still have a lot of product, but the majority of it is stuff that I use every day now, I have a … Continue reading A Full Year of Project Pan