Mid-Week Procrastination: WFH, #FreeBritney, and skin care

These are back, it only took a couple weeks, but I've decided I miss these in the middle of the week. I love these so much, a Wednesday pick-me-up, a booster to get through the week. Also, knowing I was doing this, I didn't publish on Saturday, so we have a week and a half … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: WFH, #FreeBritney, and skin care

Fall Movies List : Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I like to plan a fall movie marathon for Thanksgiving weekend because I normally spend that holiday alone. I separate these from Halloween movies, I watch those after Thanksgiving because I'm a weirdo who likes to compartmentalize my holidays and enjoy each one before jumping to the next one. … Continue reading Fall Movies List : Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

Realistic Thanksgiving Menu: Single & Solo

Well everyone, it's the end of September, time to wake up. In Canada, Thanksgiving is in October (oh and we did it first, do I want to do a history lesson here? Yeah let's do it.) First Nations across Turtle Island held thanks giving celebrations for time immemorial to celebrate harvests and hunts. It actually … Continue reading Realistic Thanksgiving Menu: Single & Solo

This Week’s Friday Favorites: Cleaning, Nickelback, and Fall

I feel like I’m running out of time this week and this month. There’s just so much to do and so much happening and I swear 2019 was last year but now my mom is asking for my 2021 Christmas list?? I am really excited to get my (very few) fall decorations, and I may … Continue reading This Week’s Friday Favorites: Cleaning, Nickelback, and Fall

What a Southerner Needs in a Northern Winter

I see posts in Facebook groups asking what they should buy to survive their first northern winter all the time and honestly, I wish I had had a guide when we moved to Canada (although blogs weren't even a thing then, so a magazine article I guess?), so here is what you need when you … Continue reading What a Southerner Needs in a Northern Winter

Wednesday Wants: Fall Accessories Edition

Last week was the first week in ages that I had to get dressed every day for a full week (even pre-pandemic I had been wearing exclusively for a few months and then on weekends for 2 years, and later in grad school it is what can I put on my body to cover it … Continue reading Wednesday Wants: Fall Accessories Edition

Fall Recipe Dreaming

There is something about cooking and baking as the weather cools (she says as it is 30C outside today) that is just so much more enjoyable and, I don't know, romantic? than cooking in the summer. So I am super excited to start cooking for fall. ANTONI FROM QUEER EYE I've had Antoni from Queer … Continue reading Fall Recipe Dreaming

Saturday Scroll

Happy weekend everyone! I am tackling Kitchen Week from Go Clean Co.'s Fall Cleaning Challenge. I may have to buy some paper towel for it, which I literally have not bought a roll of paper towel in years, I generally use reusable rags, but if my oven is as dirty as the ones on @GoCleanCo … Continue reading Saturday Scroll

Friday Favorites

This week has actually been an excellent week! We have been having a staff retreat at work and it's in person! I have gotten to meet so many people, I've made friends! I've never thought of myself as an extrovert, but I am so energised (but also exhausted) by this past week and all the … Continue reading Friday Favorites

Soda Bread Success

Being the child of immigrants (or an Indigenous person, I'm learning) is being slightly disconnected from your birth culture. There are so many things that I can't connect to that people who were raised in their country just get. Recipes, however, travel well, and provide such a feeling of home and connection with your culture. … Continue reading Soda Bread Success