August Camera Roll

I used to clean out my phone weekly. Delete all calls, texts, photos, etc. every Sunday. It was partly because my phone didn't have enough storage and partly to start each week fresh. I haven't been doing that since I bought myself a new and up-to-date phone for Christmas last year (I desperately needed a … Continue reading August Camera Roll

Project Pan: Powder

I've had this post scheduled for weeks, but I kept pushing it because even though replacing an essential make up product or toiletry item was in my exceptions list for my no-buy month, I was still doing a no-buy month. But if I'm going to get something that could be considered clean or low-waste beauty … Continue reading Project Pan: Powder

Friday Favourites

So instead of writing my blog post last night, I spent my designated blog time working on content planning instead and have decided to switch some things up. So instead of doing Saturday Obsessions, I'm going to do a Friday Favourites post (also all through high school and uni I struggled so hard to put … Continue reading Friday Favourites

Mid-Week Procrastination: Sad/Mad Girl Fall, Back to School, and back pain.

This week has been a struggle. I pulled a muscle in my low back exercising on Sunday evening and good Lord. I can barely move. It is definitely better today (Tuesday at time of writing) than it was Sunday evening and Monday, but I'm hobbling around my apartment essentially bent in half. I had to … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: Sad/Mad Girl Fall, Back to School, and back pain.

The Best Things I’ve Bought as a Cat Mom

Okay, to be honest I hate the phrase "[pet] mom" or even like "boy mom" or "girl dad", but we're aiming for clicks here folks. Before I had my cat, Montana, I had never had an indoor pet before. We were never allowed them growing up because we lived on a farm and "animals belonged … Continue reading The Best Things I’ve Bought as a Cat Mom

Planning for Delta Variant Autumn

So I was going to write this post on the places I would like to visit in Minnesota now that I live quite close to the International Falls/Fort Frances border crossing and supposedly the US border is opening on August 21, but it doesn't really look like that's going to be wise. So let's talk … Continue reading Planning for Delta Variant Autumn

Mid-week Procrastination: Bean Crime and Fall Plans

It has been a busy week already! I write these posts Tuesday evenings and if I could get up earlier I would write them Wednesday mornings instead because mid-week energy on a Tuesday evening is very different than the mid-week energy of a Wednesday morning. But this week has felt chaotic, I feel like I'm … Continue reading Mid-week Procrastination: Bean Crime and Fall Plans

Back to School: Sorority Recruitment in Canada

I have had this post planned all month, but I think with how BamaRushTok took over TikTok last week and how Ole Miss Recruitment will probably do that this week, it seems even more timely than I ever thought it would be. I've already made a couple TikToks about this, because if I was a … Continue reading Back to School: Sorority Recruitment in Canada

Needlepoint Self-Finishing: Framing

So I've been needlepointing for over a year now but I haven't been doing a lot of finishing. Just stitching, putting it in a bag (or running out of thread and putting it in a separate bag until I get my shit together enough to order thread). Part of it is that I haven't found … Continue reading Needlepoint Self-Finishing: Framing