Mid-Week Procrastination

It's another week, another round of vaccine clinics. Then I think I have a couple week of normal work schedules, although we are moving back into the office on Monday, which I am more than slightly bummed about. I'm really going to miss using my lunch hour to do chores so that I don't have … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

Weekend in Kenora

So basically I needed to get out. It had been three months of basically complete social isolation beyond Zoom meetings and vaccine clinics and I needed to get out of this tiny town. Also, Ontario had been in Step 1 of re-opening for a couple weeks and I was starting to lose my mind with … Continue reading Weekend in Kenora

Obsessions: June 26

Well I did not write blog posts for Thursday and Friday, I had every intention, but I should have known I would be too tired after each day of vaccine clinics to do anything besides the bare minimum of taking care of myself. And the power went out after this crazy wind/rain/hail storm on Wednesday … Continue reading Obsessions: June 26

Mid-Week Procrastination

This feels kind of ironic to write this week as this week I do not need anything to get me through the week as a) Monday was a holiday for me and b) today I am heading up to one of the communities we serve, North Spirit Lake First Nation, to help with youth vaccine … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

Trends are the worst

I can't stop thinking about trendiness, "cheugy", and classism. Like literally can't stop, it's like my new intrusive thought. It started innocently enough, I would scroll through reels or TikToks about what's cheugy or trends from the nineties or noughties and think to myself, "Thanks mom for not letting us dress like that.", which then … Continue reading Trends are the worst

Indigenous People’s Day

Today is National Indigenous People's Day in Canada! Today is a celebration of the cultures, traditions, languages, and peoples that have lived on Turtle Island since time immemorial. It falls in June, Indigenous History Month, and I feel that this year's Day falling on the Summer Solstice is probably particularly auspicious, as Indigenous people's tell … Continue reading Indigenous People’s Day

Obsessions: June 19

It was a week - I thought when I left vet med I was leaving the days when your face hurts when you get off and all you can do is sit in your car (or office chair in the work from home world) and stare off into the middle distance and can't even process … Continue reading Obsessions: June 19

The Roommate Decision Making Game

I've been living alone in my two-bedroom apartment since I moved up here. I've been liking it a lot, however I am not loving how much the utilities are on my own. And we haven't even gotten to winter yet and I am super nervous about the electric bill in the winter because I have … Continue reading The Roommate Decision Making Game

Confident Bishes Unite!

So if you aren't a Sweaty Bish that title and that phrase probably don't make any sense at all, if you are a member of the SBC please say hi! Let's be friends! So last year in May or June? I realized that the pandemic would not be over by summer and that I needed … Continue reading Confident Bishes Unite!

Mid-Week Procrastination

I have not been in the mood to write blog posts for the past, honestly couple months at this point; as you can probably tell by the amount of posts I wrote in April versus May and June. I don't know what it is, except maybe the weather and not wanting to be inside? But … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination