Obsessions: May 29

Hey friends we're back with the post I always write as my cat runs around the apartment howling as he does every Saturday morning, only Saturdays I don't know why or what he wants, but this is our Saturday morning routine. Also the featured image is a picture of my college friend Justina Reinhardt’s photography … Continue reading Obsessions: May 29

Home Workout Upgrading

I've been working out at home (like everyone else, of course), for about a year now (I did not work out in March or April 2020, at all). Then I realized that this pandemic wasn't going to be a three month thing like I thought at the beginning and that I needed to figure something … Continue reading Home Workout Upgrading

Mid-Week Procrastination: The Return

This was the last thing I put together before I unexpectedly stopped writing for two weeks. It wasn't planned, I had like 8 posts half-written to be finished or take photos for in my drafts and just stopped. But here we are with one of my favourite posts to put together, mid-week procrastination: a bunch … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: The Return

I’m not sure where this is going

I've noticed a recurring statement in my thoughts lately. I'm not sure where this is going. I like my job, but I'm only 2 months in and I only have a 1 year contract. I'm not sure where this is going. I love my apartment, it has so much potential. I know my landlords are … Continue reading I’m not sure where this is going

Mid-Week Procrastination

It has been a busy week! I didn't sit down last night until 9:30! Today I am working at a COVID vaccination clinic, I'm super excited not only to help people get vaccinated but also to see humans! In person! And have interactions! It's so exciting! Aly and AJ have a new album out and … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

Gentle Productivity is my New Weekend Routine and it’s Adding so Much Ease to my Life

I've noticed myself doing something the past few weekends that has been really working for me, in my head I've been calling it "gentle productivity". Meena Harris has those tweets that went viral: https://twitter.com/meenaharris/status/1376266342580412416?lang=en https://twitter.com/meenaharris/status/1388636824021524480 And I know I don't have kids or dogs or even a partner to have to do things with and … Continue reading Gentle Productivity is my New Weekend Routine and it’s Adding so Much Ease to my Life

Obsessions: May 8

I think I hit a new stage of the pandemic this week. The just exhausted stage, I was going to bed at 10pm every night and sleeping until 7:30 and having to drag myself out of bed and even took a lunch time nap on Wednesday. I have no clue what is going on. Instagram … Continue reading Obsessions: May 8

Mid-Week Procrastination: Lockdown blues

This wonderful interview with Nell Diamond, the founder of Hill House Home and inventor of the Nap Dress I want oh so desperately. I can't decide if I'm cheugy or not, but caring would definitely be cheugy of me. Is it terrible that I am jealous of re-entry anxiety? This article about post-vaccine inertia has … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: Lockdown blues

What I read in April

I hit a reading rut in April. I think it was partly because I was trying to read (a really good) non-fiction book and I'm just slower at reading non-fiction (it took me 6 weeks to read Barack Obama's tome of a book). But I also just wasn't in any kind of mood to read, … Continue reading What I read in April

April Empties

Compared to March it looks like I didn't use anything up this month! Mostly, I just finished up some samples that I have had for several months. The nice thing about a Project Pan is that you actually do use those random things that you have accumulated over your years of purchasing. I do see … Continue reading April Empties