Mid-Week Procrastination

I'm really starting to love this little series, making it is definitely a bring spot in my week. However, it all started because I hate Wednesdays. I think they are worse than Mondays, all your energy and freshness from the weekend is gone, but the coming weekend is still so far away. So I have … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

Obsessions: February 20, 2021

I feel like we don't have a lot to hold on to anymore. We have lost so many of our favourite things: eating in restaurants, hanging out with friends, dating, celebrating life's milestones, travel, seeing family, parts of our everyday life from school and extracurriculars to seeing our co-workers. Our lives have become what we … Continue reading Obsessions: February 20, 2021

Mid-Week Procrastination

If you're anything like me Wednesday's are the worst. So far from the weekend but enough into the week that any reserves you built up the previous weekend are done. Although hopefully this week isn't too bad, if you live in Ontario like me, Monday was Family Day, a holiday, and I think it's President's … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

My First Finished Needlepoint

I was drawn to needlepoint during the first lockdown from some influencers (largely @carly and her stitch-tagram @carlysstitchclub on Instagram) but I didn't actually order my first canvas until last June or July. It appealed to me over something like sewing or knitting, because the actually idea creation isn't necessary. I'm not very good at … Continue reading My First Finished Needlepoint

The One E-mail Folder that Changed My Life

Is that a super click-baitey title? Yes Is it currently true for me? Also Yes! Me being unemployed hasn't had any reduction in my email volume. I didn't have a work email and didn't really have any duties, besides seasonal reminders and all I had to do was create and send them, that involved email. … Continue reading The One E-mail Folder that Changed My Life

The most thought I’ve put into mascara ever

I bought a mascara yesterday. It took me 2 weeks to buy a mascara. I have never spent that much time thinking about a beauty product purchase in my life. It's always been what I saw in a magazine, an influencer recommended it, or I saw it in Sephora or a drug store and liked … Continue reading The most thought I’ve put into mascara ever

Mid-week Procrastination

If you’re anything like me, Wednesday is your least favourite day of the week. Your productivity is slumping, the weekend is super far away still, it’s just the worst. But here’s a few things that could help you get through the day: A lovely story of a man who gets his wallet back 53 years … Continue reading Mid-week Procrastination

6 Things I am doing to make my life more sustainable in 2021

Over the past several years I have been really inspired by the Zero Waste movement after being introduced to Lauren Singer’s platform online and then the wider zero/low waste community. I have already made changes like a plastic-free shower routine, eliminating plastic shopping bags, and only using reusable drinks containers (pre-COVID), and I make significantly … Continue reading 6 Things I am doing to make my life more sustainable in 2021

Fast Fashion Series: Introduction

If you have spent time looking at your impact on the planet you have probably heard that fast fashion is not eco-friendly or ethical. They often exploit their workers and take advantage of workers in countries with really lax labour laws were they can pay them super small sums of money for really hard and … Continue reading Fast Fashion Series: Introduction

KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 2

After skincare it felt like it only made sense to go through my makeup. Also I never really organized it when I moved into my new bedroom at my parents' house and I was sick of looking at it scattered all over the place. I also washed my makeup brushes (wash your makeup brushes I … Continue reading KonMari that Sh*t: Komono Part 2